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Report: Closing Ranger, Protecting Kakadu

New report by REXSAC researcher Rebecca Lawrence at Sydney Environment Institute and Dave Sweeney at Australian Conservation Foundation highlights growing concerns over the potential failures of the rehabilitation plan for…

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A new documentary: Common Ground: The Power of Coming Together, Sápmi to Country

A new documentary short-film Common Ground: The Power of Coming Together, Sápmi to Country details the struggles of indigenous peoples across the world in response to colonisation…

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Strategic Ignorance: Rio Tinto’s Destruction of Sacred Juukan Caves

How can we excuse mining giant Rio Tinto’s unconscionable destruction of a 46,000 year old Pilbara Aboriginal Heritage site on the grounds of “not knowing” when…

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Indigenous peoples influence on impact assessments

A study performed in Sweden, Norway, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, shows that Sweden received the lowest score regarding indigenous peoples influence on impact assessments.…

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