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Meet REXSAC PhD students: Caitlynn Lindsay Beckett

Discover the eighth episode of our Q&A series with REXSAC PhD students. This time meet Caitlynn Lindsay Beckett, a PhD candidate in Geography at Memorial University in St.…

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Notes from the field – Jean-Sébastien Boutet

Tataskweyak (Split Lake), northern Manitoba, July 13, 2019: —Did I tell you the story of when I went to look for porcupine with my dad…

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REXSAC PhD student, Jasmiini Pylkkäne, interviewed for Women in the Arctic and Antarctic 

REXSAC Phd student at the Cultural Anthropology research unit at the University of Oulu in Finland was interviewed about her REXSAC fieldwork in Rankin Inlet…

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Poison and profit: mining on traditional lands

In the underground depths of northern Canada lies a monster. That’s how Mary Rose Sundberg of the Goyatiko Language Society describes the 237,000 tons of…

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Blog published in AntroBlogi: “Letters from the field: Searching for a sense of snow and ice”

Jasmiini Pylkkänen is a PhD student in Cultural Anthropology, based at the University of Oulu. In her blog post in the well-established web-publication, AntroBlogi, Jasmiini…

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Indigenous peoples influence on impact assessments

A study performed in Sweden, Norway, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, shows that Sweden received the lowest score regarding indigenous peoples influence on impact assessments.…

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