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Guest Blog: Mapping different forms of knowledge to understand the impacts of mining

A new Formas-funded project aims to combine both indigenous and scientific knowledge in a synthesis of evidence on how Arctic and boreal landscapes and communities…

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Nilsson to represent REXSAC at the Arctic Circle Assembly, 19-21 October

The annual Arctic Circle Assembly is the largest annual international gathering on the Arctic, attended by more than 2000 participants from 60 countries. It is…

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Avalanches and dead reindeer when the heat rises in Kiruna

REXSAC researcher Ninis Rosqvist and Sami village Gabna’s Chairman Lars-Ànte Kuhmunen tell of two dramatic happenings in Kiruna 2018. Kiruna is one of the places where…

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NEW start for MOOC: Northern Quebec: issues, spaces and cultures

MOOC : Massive Open Online Course This MOOC offers an introduction to social and political issues of northern Quebec, a territory that is also the…

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New Handbook featuring REXSAC researchers Nuttall and Avango

The Routledge Handbook of the Polar Regions is a guide to the Arctic and the Antarctic through research in the physical and natural sciences and the…

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Sörlin keynote speaker at the first Arctic Resilience Forum in Rovaniemi, 10-11 September

The aim of the first Arctic Resilience Forum was to showcase Arctic best practices. REXSAC researcher, Sverker Sörlin, delivered the first keynote presentation on the 10th for…

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