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Sörlin keynote speaker at the first Arctic Resilience Forum in Rovaniemi, 10-11 September

The aim of the first Arctic Resilience Forum was to showcase Arctic best practices. REXSAC researcher, Sverker Sörlin, delivered the first keynote presentation on the 10th for…

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REXSAC researchers contribute to new book, “Competing Arctic Futures”

REXSAC researchers Sverker Sörlin, Annika E. Nilsson, Dag Avango, Peder Roberts and Eric Paglia have contributed to the book, “Competing Arctic Futures: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives”,…

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KTH joins as new member of the University of the Arctic

On the first day of the UArctic Council meeting, members voted to welcome twenty new members to the University of the Arctic. The network now has…

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Sverker Sörlin and Thierry Rodon to lead sessions at the second UArctic Congress, September 3-7

UArctic Congress 2018 begins in Oulu, September 3-6 and concludes in Helsinki on September 7. It brings together key UArctic meetings and a science conference into one…

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The southern tip of Kebnekaise mountain in Sweden is now becoming lower than the northern peak, according to REXSAC researcher

REXSAC Researcher Ninis Rosqvist took a measurement of the southern tip of Kebnekaise, which consists of snow and ice,  on July 31st and compared it to a month prior.…

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New mining project seeks expertise

A new Formas-funded project called 3MK (Mapping the impacts of Mining using Multiple Knowledges) began this year, involving several REXSAC researchers.  It aims to identify…

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