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REXSAC researcher Sörlin featured in coronavirus article in Arctic Today

If one lives in the Arctic, where warming of the atmosphere and the seas happens much faster than in the rest of the world, perhaps…

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Sámi lands and hydroelectric power in Sweden – what’s the potential to redress harm and injustice?

A new legal study shows how new environmental requirements could offer the chance to address injustices that still surround hydro-projects on traditional Sámi lands. To…

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Gruvor och hållbar utveckling i norra Sverige

Can mining and sustainable development be reconciled? This report (in Swedish) summarizes the discussions at a workshop help in Kiruna, Sweden 6 November 2019. The…

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Leakage from old copper mine

REXSAC PhD student Sandra Fischer and colleagues investigated the water quality near the abandoned copper mine Nautanen  in northern Sweden. The results have now been…

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Meet REXSAC PhD students: Calle Österlin

Discover the third episode of our series of Q&A with REXSAC PhD Students. This time meet Calle Österlin, PhD student at the Department of Physical Geography,…

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Making Regional Sense of Global Sustainable Development Indicators for the Arctic

Since the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted in 2015, efforts are underway to identify indicators for monitoring progress, but perceptions of sustainability are…

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