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Report: Closing Ranger, Protecting Kakadu

New report by REXSAC researcher Rebecca Lawrence at Sydney Environment Institute and Dave Sweeney at Australian Conservation Foundation highlights growing concerns over the potential failures of the rehabilitation plan for…

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Workshop Report: Supplementary feeding in reindeer husbandry

This report is based on a collaborative workshop that was organized by researchers from three Nordic Centres of Excellence related to Arctic sustainability, REXSAC being…

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Meet REXSAC PhD students: Dmitry Arzyutov

Discover the tenth episode of our Q&A series with REXSAC PhD students. This time meet Dmitry Arzyutov,  a doctoral candidate at the Division of History of…

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REXSAC researcher Ninis Rosqvist featured in Swedish Dagens Nyheter

REXSAC researcher Ninis Rosqvist is  featured in the Swedish newspaper, Dagens Nyheter on 6 December. Few places in the world are experiencing climate change faster than in…

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New Publication: Synchronizing Earthly Timescales: Ice, Pollen, and the Making of Proto-Anthropocene Knowledge in the North Atlantic Region

Abstract The Anthropocene concept frames an emerging new understanding of the human–Earth relationship. It represents a profound temporal integration that brings historical periodization on a…

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New Publication: The environment as seen through the life of a journal: Ambio 1972–2022

Abstract Emerging after World War II ‘‘the environment’’ as a modern concept turned in the years around 1970 into a phase of institutionalization in science,…

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