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New Publication: Stories, emotions, partnerships and the quest for stable relationships in the Greenlandic mining sector

Abstract: This study aims to understand the emotional labour and relationship building in connection to the expected mining industry in Greenland. Greenland mining is often…

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Arctic Environmental Humanities Workshop Series: Sverker Sörlin

REXSAC researcher Sverker Sörlin will give the second talk in the Arctic Environmental Humanities Workshop Series on September 29 at 11:oo am EDT (5 pm…

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Meet REXSAC PhD students: Caitlynn Lindsay Beckett

Discover the eighth episode of our Q&A series with REXSAC PhD students. This time meet Caitlynn Lindsay Beckett, a PhD candidate in Geography at Memorial University in St.…

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Meet REXSAC PhD students: Anna-Maria Fjellström

Discover the seventh episode of our Q&A series with REXSAC PhD students. This time meet Anna-Maria Fjellström, PhD student at the department of political science, Stockholm University. Her research explores…

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Alix Varnajot’s PhD Defense

Rethinking Arctic tourism: tourists’ practices and perceptions of the Arctic in Rovaniemi.   Abstract:  What is ‘Arctic’ in ‘Arctic tourism’? What makes the distinction between…

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The Resource Extraction and Sustainable Arctic Communities (REXSAC) project brings together multi-disciplinary research insights to highlight the large mineral extraction systems and how they influence…

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