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REXSAC mobility: Lill Rastad Bjørst’s research stay at SPRI

In the beginning of February, I was warmly welcomed to the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI) at the University of Cambridge. The visit was a culmination…

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Webinar June 4: “Stakeholder Engagement in Environmental Evidence Synthesis”

Stakeholder Engagement is an integral part of all systematic reviews to some degree. However, there has been a little discussion of this important process in…

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REXSAC’s Annual Report 2018

This is the third annual report from REXSAC.  This report has been prepared by an editorial team, consisting of past and current members of the REXSAC Executive…

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New report: Fighting to be herd

Fighting to be herd: impacts of the proposed Boliden copper mine in Laver, Älvsbyn, Sweden for the Semisjaur Njarg Sami reindeer herding community The Semisjaur…

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REXSAC led discussions at the Annual Impact Assessment Conference (IAIA19) in Brisbane

There is an urgency to improve methods for assessment of cumulative impacts of future resource extraction activities, especially in the Arctic where the pressure from…

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REXSAC’s Annika E. Nilsson featured in BBC’s The Real Story: China’s Arctic ambitions

China is located nearly 3,000 kilometres from the Arctic Circle but that hasn’t stopped it taking a keen interest in the region. Last year China…

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