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Notes from the field – Jean-Sébastien Boutet

Tataskweyak (Split Lake), northern Manitoba, July 13, 2019: —Did I tell you the story of when I went to look for porcupine with my dad…

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Workshop 6 nov: Gruvor och hållbar utveckling i norra Sverige – går det att förena?

Välkommen till en workshop för att samla kunskap om förhållandet mellan gruvor och hållbar utveckling i norra Sverige!    Klimatförändringar och omställning till ett fossilfritt…

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“The Arctic while the ice is melting” – new exhibition at Nordiska Museet (Stockholm) 

  From October 10, discover the Nordic Museum’s new exhibition: “The Arctic, while the ice is melting”. This exhibition allows visitors to learn more about the…

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A new Arctic when the ice disappears

Swedish Radio met with REXSAC researcher Ninis Rosqvist to discuss the Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere released by the IPCC on the 25…

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REXSAC PhD student, Jasmiini Pylkkäne, interviewed for Women in the Arctic and Antarctic 

REXSAC Phd student at the Cultural Anthropology research unit at the University of Oulu in Finland was interviewed about her REXSAC fieldwork in Rankin Inlet…

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In the shadow of geopolitics: Notes from fieldwork in southern Greenland 

As we returned to Narsarsuaq after a week of fieldwork in communities of southern Greenland, the outer world came charging in: Planes arriving with tourists on their…

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