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Book Chapter – Branding on the Nordic margins: Greenland Brand Configurations

The self-rule of Greenland – the world’s largest island at the Arctic margins of the Nordic – has increased during the 20th century. During its…

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REXSAC at Arctic Frontiers 2020 – The Power of Knowledge

REXSAC Researcher Annika E. Nilsson has given a “Brief outlook” on day one of the 14th edition of the Arctic Frontiers Conference: The Power of…

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Meet REXSAC PhD students: Teresa Komu

Discover the second episode of our series of Q&A with REXSAC PhD Students. This time meet Teresa Komu, PhD student at the University of Oulu. Her…

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Mining the Connections 2020 International Multi-Network Conference on Mining

Postponed to spring 2021 Check conference website for updates   REXSAC, together with MinErAL and Amedee Network, is hosting  Mining the Connections, an international and multidisciplinary conference.…

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Petrocultures2020. Call for papers

Petrocultures2020 – Call for papers REXSAC-affiliated researcher Brigt Dale (Nordland Research Institute) leads the scientific committee for the petrocultures2020:transformation conference to be held in Stavanger,…

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News outlets sharing the story of climate change and how it affects reindeer herds in the Arctic

In Sweden’s Arctic, ice atop snow leaves reindeer starving. Climate change is altering weather patterns here and affecting the herd’s food supply. The AP article…

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