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Book review: An environmental reckoning in the High Arctic

Sverker Sörlin lauds an integrative history of remote Beringia, revealing the cost of overexploitation in fragile ecologies, in a review of Bathsheba Delmuth’s Floating Coast: An…

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Article: Human values as catalysts and consequences of social innovations

The authors of this article studied the role of human values in social innovations (SIs) in four forest-dependent communities (FDCs) in Europe. They draw on 71 semi-structured…

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Article: How boundary objects help to perform roles of science arbiter, honest broker, and issue advocate

This article examines roles and knowledge by which researchers can enhance connections between science, policy, and society. The authors arranged a participatory scenario workshop with representatives from…

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Book chapter – Introduction: placing resilience in the sustainability frame

Sustainability and resilience are complex ideas and their relationship can be conceptualized and applied in multiple ways. This book approaches these concepts as interwoven processes…

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Book chapter – Tourism, resilience and governance strategies in the transition towards sustainability

During the 1990s the issue of sustainability became a policy discourse, which started to direct the economic, social, and political structures and processes that constitute…

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Book chapter – Conclusions: challenges and opportunities in the transition towards sustainability

The lack of progress in implementing the variously interpreted ‘grand’ concept of sustainability has resulted in increasing calls to divert the discourse surrounding sustainability and…

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