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Participatory meaning-making of environmental and cultural changes in reindeer herding in the northernmost border area of Sweden and Finland

  This paper explores the adaptation possibilities of reindeer herding regarding environmental changes at the Northernmost Swedish-Finnish border region.   Lépy, É., Heikkinen, H.I., Komu,…

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Do voluntary corporate actions improve cumulative effects assessment? Mining companies’ performance on Sami lands

Highlights Governments rely on companies to assess and mitigate cumulative impacts. Voluntary corporate actions generally fail to deliver on these expectations. Governments should step up…

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Responding to Climate Change: Studies in Intellectual, Political, and Lived History

Lane, M., Sörlin, S., Socolow, R.H., and McNeill, J.R.. 2018. Responding to climate change: Studies In Intellectual, political, and lived history.    Abstract This introduction to…

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Book Chapter: Stories of hope: The dark ecology journeys co-creating tourism research

Kramvig, B. and Methi, H.. 2018. Stories of hope: The dark ecology journeys co-creating tourism research. In Co-Creating Tourism Research. pp 162-179. This chapter explores the co-creation…

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Turbulent indigenous objects: Controversies around cultural appropriation and recognition of difference

This article addresses an ongoing controversy in Noway around designing and naming Sámi (indigenous) objects. Kramvig, B., Brattland, C. and Verran, H.. 2018. Turbulent indigenous…

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Relevansen av det nære

    Kramvig, B.. 2018. Relevansen av det nære. In Ottar 319(1):49-54.    

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