Societal Dynamics in Multiple-Use Landscapes – Call for papers

October 29th, 2021

REXSAC-affiliated researcher Élise Lépy is guest editing a special issue for the Sustainability journal.  A call for papers is open until May 31, 2022.

The call for papers reads as follows:

Dear Colleagues,

Landscapes are dynamic in space and time, depending on natural and anthropogenic drivers of change. Therefore, people perceive, understand and use landscapes in many different ways: landscapes provide natural resources and deliver a diversity of ecosystem services, but they are also manifestations of cultural heritage and are affected by land use planning. These perceptions can differ between involved stakeholder groups and may result in competing interests how, for what and for whom landscapes are managed.

The interactions between involved actors to navigate these challenges constitute the societal dynamics inherent in multiple-use landscapes.

This Special Issue of Sustainability, entitled “Societal Dynamics in Multiple-Use Landscapes”, will investigate how land use conflicts are managed, and how co-existence between stakeholders is possible in multiple-use landscapes. In recognizing the formidable challenges for sustainable management of landscapes in the Anthropocene, submissions are invited from and across multiple disciplines – ecology, history, geography etc., presenting cases from around the globe and from different perspectives in space and time.

For further reading, please visit the Special Issue website here.



Source: Drew Coffman / Unsplash