New report: Fighting to be herd

New report: Fighting to be herd

Fighting to be herd: impacts of the proposed Boliden copper mine in Laver, Älvsbyn, Sweden for the Semisjaur Njarg Sami reindeer herding community

The Semisjaur Njarg Sami community is already under significant pressure from other land encroachments and industrial developments on their traditional lands. This report provides an overall picture of what a mine in nearby Laver would mean for the community’s future.

Today, reindeer herding communities across the Arctic are facing multiple new challenges. Whereas climate change, globalization and socio-economic change comprise considerable challenges, one of the most serious concerns for reindeer husbandry today is the loss and fragmentation of reindeer pastures, due to infrastructure development, resource extraction and increasing human activity.

This report is an output of REXSAC research task 4.


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Photo: Reindeer herd circling round an reindeer herder./Getty Images.