Rasmus Kløcker Larsen

Stockholm Environment Inst.

Rasmus Kløcker Larsen is a Research Fellow at Stockholm Environment Institute. His commitment is to support people who hold competing claims on natural resources, to respond more dialogically to each other and the intractable dilemmas that they face. he has  specialized in fostering action learning inquiries into controversies linked to water resources, agriculture, livestock herding, and extractive industries. Research activities include community-based impact assessment, process design and leadership in stakeholder dialogues, and review of the coherence and implementability of policies.

Ramus Kløcker Larsen’s work is principally inspired by participatory action research, currently focused on impact co-management and the cumulative impacts of exploitation on Sami reindeer herding and indigenous rights. He holds a PhD from Wageningen University and MSc. degrees from Oxford University and Copenhagen University and has experience in research, development, education and capacity building projects, principally in Scandinavia and South East Asia.