Feeding the reindeer – more than just giving them food

March 31st, 2018

On March 22-23rd, a workshop on “Challenges and opportunities of supplementary feeding in reindeer husbandry” was held in Kiruna, Sweden. A joint action of the REXSAC, ReiGN and CLINF Nordic Centres of Excellence.

Researchers from three Nordic Centres of Excellence met with reindeer herders from Sweden, Norway and Finland discussed:

  • which factors are taken into consideration when deciding on practices and application of supplementary feeding;
  • what might be the potential consequences of supplementary feeding practices on the future of reindeer husbandry; and
  • what can we learn from experiences in neighbouring countries?

During the workshop in Kiruna,  Saami radio interviewed Élise Lépy, Tim Horstkotte and Camilla Risvoll as well as Kyösti Lempä from Nordforsk. Listen here.  (in Swedish) 


Researchers and initiators of the workshop on reindeer feeding in Kiruna. From the left:  Elise Lepy, Camilla Risvoll och Tim Horstkotte.Photo: Sameradion & SVT Sápmi