REXSAC researcher presents at the Nordic Museum in Stockholm

December 8th, 2017

REXSAC researcher and natural geographer, Gunhild “Ninis” Rosqvist, among others, held panel discussions and lectures on the topic, “What are the effects of climate change on nature and society in the Arctic?”, at the Nordic Museum in Stockholm on November 8th.


Rosqvist and the reindeer owner from Laevas, Niila Inga,  spoke, among other things, about the collaboration concerning measurements of  how weather conditions affect the reindeers’ landscape movement patterns. The project aims to increase knowledge about how climate change affects mountainous systems by combining climate research with traditional Sami knowledge and modern technology (used by researchers and reindeers). By formulating common questions, new perspectives are created on both research and the its benefits to society.

How climate change is affecting the Siberia were also discussed, among other topics. For Swedish speakers, you can view the entire conversation here.




Image: Renskiljning i Larkim Nikkaluokta 2014. Foto: Gunhild Ninis Rosqvist.


Reindeer in Larkim Nikkaluokta