“The Arctic while the ice is melting” – new exhibition at Nordiska Museet (Stockholm) 

October 1st, 2019


From October 10, discover the Nordic Museum’s new exhibition: “The Arctic, while the ice is melting”. This exhibition allows visitors to learn more about the people living in the Arctic, its resources and how climate change has an important impact on the region. 

The centerpiece of the exhibition is a 400 square meters iceberg with a deep crack in the middle symbolizing the rupture between now and the future of the Arctic. The museum offers a comprehensive experience to the visitors with a large selection of original art pieces and artefacts, projections, films and documentaries and interactive installations. 


Vatnajökull, Route 1, från utställningen Arktis – medan isen smälter
Vatnajökull, Route 1 – Photo: Camilla Andersen/ Nordiska museet


This exhibition is the result of a unique collaboration between Nordiska Museet and Stockholm University in order to create dialogues between subjects and knowledge traditions. Moreover, several REXSAC researchers have been contributing to this new exhibition, including: Sverker Sörlin. Ninis Rosqvist. Niila Inga, Dag Avango, Annika Nilsson, Camilla Winqvist, Dmitry Arzyutov. 

For the practical information in Swedish about the exhibition click here.


Photo credit: Camilla Andersen / Nordiska Museet. 


A woman living in the artick standing in the snow