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Opinion Piece in Klassekampen: Grønt skifte – kolonisering på Norsk

REXSAC researchers Marianne E. Lien and Gro Birgit Ween have published an op-ed in the Norwegian newspaper Klassekampen about a planned expansion of a quartz quarry in Austertana, Finnmark.   Title: Grønt…

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New Article: Chinese assessments of “critical” and “strategic” raw materials: Concepts, categories, policies, and implications

Abstract: Most research assumes that China works strategically with raw materials, and assessments of raw material criticality are shaped in part by perceptions of China’s…

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Notes from the field – Jean-Sébastien Boutet

Tataskweyak (Split Lake), northern Manitoba, July 13, 2019: —Did I tell you the story of when I went to look for porcupine with my dad…

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Workshop 6 nov: Gruvor och hållbar utveckling i norra Sverige – går det att förena?

Välkommen till en workshop för att samla kunskap om förhållandet mellan gruvor och hållbar utveckling i norra Sverige!    Klimatförändringar och omställning till ett fossilfritt…

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Sami’s limited influence in state processes hot topic in Almedalen in July

Sami’s limited influence in state processes has caused all mining operations on Sami land to be appealed recently. Rasmus Kløcker Larsen, REXSAC researcher at Stockholm Environment…

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REXSAC PhD student, Calle Österlin, interviewed for SvD series on Sami rights

REXSAC PhD student, Calle Österlin was interviewed in connection with the ongoing series about Sami rights in Northern Sweden in the Swedish newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet.…

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New REXSAC report highlighted in SvD series on Sami land rights

In a series of articles, SvD reviews the conflict that has occurred over half Sweden’s surface. On the one hand, the Sami and their rights…

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New report: Mining industry perspectives on indigenous rights

A new report by REXSAC researcher, Rebecca Lawrence : Mining industry perspectives on indigenous rights: Corporate complacency and political uncertainty, in the The Extractive Industries and Society is now available.   …

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Reflections on dimensions and tensions

What happens when 30+ researchers from nine countries, representing a range of scientific disciplines, and at different stages in their career gather for two days…

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