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Defining sustainable development: Indicators and assessment (RT 1/9)

This research task combines former research tasks 1 and 9 with the aim of developing a set of Arctic-relevant sustainable development indicators that can be…

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Impacts of multiple pressures on Arctic landscapes and societies (RT 2)

The combined effects of mining activities in areas that are experiencing rapid climate and environmental change are poorly understood. This Research Task investigate multiple social…

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Governance structures for extractive industries: Identifying path dependencies (RT 3)

Governance structures for extractive industries in the Arctic are increasingly integrated in complex structures where international as well as national pressures are factored into mining…

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Transnational companies, indigenous peoples – the politics of Arctic mining (RT 4)

Mining has a long history in the Arctic – one that complicates present-day discussions about the industry’s role in creating a prosperous future for Arctic…

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Affective economies: How are places, communities and identities constructed? (RT 5)

For centuries, extractive industries in the Arctic have been addressed, managed, encouraged, protested against and wished for. The primary paradigm fuelling these discussions has focused…

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Extraction legacies in post-extraction transitions: re-mediation, re-economization and heritagization. (RT 6/7)

This research task brings together a highly interdisciplinary group of scholars within heritage studies, environmental history, human geography and tourism research, physical geography, hydrology and…

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