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Mining settlements in transition – Reflections from Svalbard

“The road you see down there, that’s the most expensive road in Norway,” says one of the helicopter pilots as he takes us for a…

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Extractive industries and the unmaking of Arctic places

Indigenous perceptions of land, waters and animals – and their relationships with them – are often ignored in discussions about the development of natural resources.…

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Of muskoxen and people in Scandinavia

What happens when authorities reintroduce animal species into landscapes that they have not been part of for a long time? At the conference ‘The Future…

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PhD position: Political science with focus on resource extraction and indigenous peoples

The Department of Political Science at Stockholm University is advertising a REXSAC PhD position. Link to Stockholm University job advertisement Ref. No. SU FV-2574-16 Closing…

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PhD position: Impacts of Mining on Arctic Environments and Societies

PhD position in Physical Geography at Stockholm University: Impacts of Mining on Arctic Environments and Societies The Department of Physical Geography at Stockholm University is…

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Resources in times of transformation

Welcome to REXSAC! This is the website of the Nordforsk Center of Excellence for research on Resource Extraction and Sustainable Arctic Communities. Here you will…

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