KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Dmitry is a doctoral candidate at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm). His research is funded by the GRETPOL project (ERC, PI Peder Roberts). As a historical anthropologist, he is interested in the intersections of indigenous studies, history and social studies of science and environmental history/anthropology. His doctoral project at KTH deals with the environmental history of the Soviet Arctic during the Cold War. The argument of the research revolves around the author’s notion of “environmental archive” by which he understands the connections of indigenous and academic ideologies and practices in place. Through those epistemic and ontological entanglements, Dmitry shows the formation of the modern Russian Arctic as a “contact zone”.

He is also interested in visual anthropology and the transnational history of Soviet anthropology of the North and Siberia. He is the author of the Samoyedic Diary film (in Russian and Nenets — which is based on the footage of early-Soviet ethnographers Georgii and Ekaterina Prokofiev made among Nenets at the end of 1920s.

Dmitry Arzyutov