KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Dmitry is a doctoral candidate at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm). His doctorate is funded by the GRETPOL project (ERC, PI Peder Roberts). As a historical anthropologist, he is interested in the intersections of indigenous studies, history and sociology of science and environmental history/anthropology. His doctoral project at KTH is dedicated to the Soviet politics of nature protection and indigenous identity politics in the Arctic. Being trained both as historian and anthropologist he is applying various methods in his research, from content analysis of archival documents to collaborative ethnographies with local communities in the Russian Arctic (Nenets predominantly). At the moment he is finishing up two articles which deal with the indigenous concepts of landscape, history and memory, and their academic and laboratory “translations” and applications.

He is also interested in visual anthropology and the history of visual documentation of indigenous peoples of the Russian Empire, Soviet Union and modern Russia in a comparative circumpolar perspective. He is the author of the film Samoyedic Diary(in Russian and Nenets — which is based on the footage of early-Soviet ethnographers Georgii and Ekaterina Prokofiev made among Nenets at the end of 1920s.

Dmitry Arzyutov