Anna-Maria Fjellstrom

Stockholm University

Anna-Maria Fjellström is a PhD student based at the Department of Political Science at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Stockholm University. Her research interests are in the politics of natural resources, in particular in situations where natural resource extractive activities and indigenous land-use management meet.

Her dissertation project explores how increased natural resource extractive activities impact the planning of natural resource management in Sweden throw the lens of reindeer husbandry. The aim with the study is to analyse how different planning practitioners affect different conceptions of reindeer husbandry practice and land use, and also what knowledge and rights claims are considered legitimate in decisions about extractive industries in northern Sweden. The study, which has a historical perspective, is focusing on the period from the 70′ until now, and the empirical material consists of interviews and archive material. The theoretical framework used is based on the relationship between power and resistance and she use mainly qualitative methods in the research project.

Anna-Maria’s project is part of RT 2, the impact of multiple pressure on Arctic landscape and societies whit the focus on effects from natural resource extractive activities on reindeer pasturage.


Anna-Maria Fjellström