Opinion Piece in Klassekampen: Grønt skifte – kolonisering på Norsk

Opinion Piece in Klassekampen: Grønt skifte – kolonisering på Norsk

REXSAC researchers Marianne E. Lien and Gro Birgit Ween have published an op-ed in the Norwegian newspaper Klassekampen about a planned expansion of a quartz quarry in Austertana, Finnmark.


Title: Grønt skifte – kolonisering på Norsk

‘While people in Oslo discuss whether ethnic discrimination and white privileges are relevant in Norway, Sami people are dispossessed of their traditions and their livelihoods, bit by bit.’  The article draws the attention to current plans to expand Chinese-owned Elkem’s quartzite quarry in Austertana/Juovlavuotna in the eastern part of Finnmark.  The expansion will diminish reindeer pastures, interfere with salmon and smolt in the Tana/Deatnu river,  and threaten RAMSAR protected wetlands. Co-Authors of the op.ed. Gro Ween and Marianne Lien, both part of the REXSAC research hub in Oslo, have published articles about the implications of the controversy and the planned expansion in a forthcoming REXSAC Special Issue, called Arctic Uchronotopias in Polar Record.


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Photo: Mark König / Unsplash