New report: Mining companies’ performance on Sami lands

The results of a systematic review of 56 mining permits between 1998 and 2016 sheds light on how far voluntary action has improved mining companies’ assessments of cumulative effects of projects on indigenous communities and their land use.


New report: Mining companies’ performance on Sami lands

This paper (Larsen, R. K., Österlin, C. (REXSAC researchers)  and Guia, L.) considers whether these voluntary actions actually improve companies’ CEA performance and so provide grounds for indigenous communities and decision-makers to trust the industry more.

It presents findings from a systematic review of corporate impact assessments for 56 mining concession permit applications on Sami lands in Sweden. It shows how companies that adopt additional voluntary measures provide somewhat richer assessments. Overall, however, the performance remains poor even for the  supposed frontrunners, with persistent lack of clarity on assessment methods and limited analysis of consequences, social and cultural impacts, and interactions with other (past, present or future) projects.


For Swedish speakers, you can link to the radio report with  Sameradion & SVT Sápmi on May 21st.