REXSAC’s Annika E. Nilsson featured in BBC’s The Real Story: China’s Arctic ambitions

May 5th, 2019

China is located nearly 3,000 kilometres from the Arctic Circle but that hasn’t stopped it taking a keen interest in the region. Last year China described itself as a ‘near Arctic State’ and said that it plans to play a crucial role in the Arctic’s future. The melting of the polar ice has made it possible to exploit the Arctic’s riches, from natural gas and oil to rare minerals, which are crucial for China’s growth. As leaders from the eight-nation Arctic Council travel to the northern Finnish city of Rovaniemi for talks next week, some people are asking whether Beijing is on a resource grab mission and it is not concerned about the environmental price of exploiting the Arctic. Others say that Chinese investments can be a lifeline for many Arctic communities who have been suffering from years of under investment. Celia Hatton and a panel of expert guests, including REXSAC researcher, Annika E. Nilsson, discuss China’s race towards the Arctic and what it means for the rest of the world.

Listen to the broadcast here.

(Photo: A model of China’s Xue Long (Snow Dragon) icebreaker displayed at the 18th Party Congress in Beijing in 2017. Credit: Simon Song/South China Morning Post/Getty Images)