REXSAC Scientific Director Ninis Rosqvist on Radio Sweden

November 5th, 2020

Reindeer husbandry is an industry that is vulnerable to the negative effects of climate change. In an interview with Radio Sweden Niila Inga, a Swedish reindeer herder in the Laevas Sami reindeer herding community, and Ninis Rosqvist, REXSAC scientific director and director of the Tarfala Reseach Station, discuss the impacts that climate change is having on winter conditions in Northern Sweden.

The aim of a research collaboration between the Tarfala Research Station and the Laevas Sami reindeer herding community is to identify different ways in which climate change affects reindeer husbandry.

Listen to the full interview here: (in Swedish).




Professor Gunhild “Ninis” Rosqvist är föreståndare för Tarfala forskningsstation som drivs av Stockholm Universitet. Foto: Pia Eriksson