REXSAC researchers sharing at SSR’s congress

June 10th, 2018

Alice Bah Kuhnke, Sweden’s culture minister,  opened the SSR Landsmöte in Östersund, Sweden on May 30st. Among other things, she raised the need and the objective of raising awareness of national minorities in Sweden.

REXSAC researcher, Ninis Rosqvist, together with  Niila Inga, Laevas Sameby, presented and participated in discussion at the Climate seminar on the afternoon of the 30th. Arctic climate in change:  Impact on indigenous people, the reindeer and reindeer husbandry.


Ninis explained: “Our presentation kicked- off discussions about actions needed to meet the effects of multiple pressures on the environment and reindeer herding in northern Sweden. These pressures include climate change in itself, causing increased need for flexible use of the landscape, demand for mineral resources, renewable energy  and even tourism.”







“We the Sami people have inherited the land, the water and the conditions for doing reindeer husbandry,
hunting, fishing and other land use in Sápmi by our ancestors. We together see the landscape and man as one, where we manage land and water for our children. This requires us to manage it well.
Our use of land and water is grounded from an overall sustainability perspective. With a strong and viable reindeer husbandry, the foundation is strengthened for our culture, to allow greater opportunities for preservation and further development. Our culture and reindeer husbandry are interconnected and do not work without each other. They are in a mutual relationship with each other. “

[Excerpt from Njunjuš SSR’s vision document]


Photo Credit: Swedish Sami Association


Ninis Rosqvist and Niila Inga at the SSR congress 2018