August 21st, 2020

The Resource Extraction and Sustainable Arctic Communities (REXSAC) project brings together multi-disciplinary research insights to highlight the large mineral extraction systems and how they influence environments and people. Mineral extraction systems combined with other societal activities and climate change exerts pressure on ecosystems, local- and traditional livelihoods.

The upcoming REXSAC short film will present these pressures in two areas in the Arctic: Kiruna, Sweden and Kolari, Finland. Local and regional voices (land users, planners, mining industry, business interests) will be featured to highlight the complexity of this issue, but the overall objective point of view will be that of the REXSAC researchers.

We aim to show that these issues are of importance for even those living outside of the Arctic region. The overall purpose is to create awareness for these insights and inform future policy decisions for improving impact assessment processes and development of extractive industries, paying attention to key challenges in each phase: start-up, operation and transition.

The REXSAC researchers featured in the film:

Gunhild Rosqvist

Dag Avango

Élise Lépy


Photo: Venni Arra, SEI


Filming REXSAC documentary in Kiruna. Photo: Venni Arra, SEI