REXSAC field research highlighted in KTH Magazine article

January 15th, 2018

A new article has been published in the KTH Magazine with the REXSAC researchers from KTH  at Sorgfjorden, Svalbard, in July of 2017. Field research was done to study how different actors in the Arctic recycle buildings and infrastructures left in the desolate landscape. In this case, a station from a research expedition, says Dag Avango, historian and leader of the polar project.

The project is related to the REXSAC excellence center as well as research projects on heritage funded by Vetenskapsrådet and Formas. Field research was funded by Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund and received logistical support from the Polar Research Secretariat. Within the next few months, the research team will present the documentation and write a report.

READ the article here in Swedish. 


Image: Field research on Svalbard. Dag Avango.


Fieldwork on Svalbard. Dag Avango.