Petrocultures2020. Call for papers

January 7th, 2020

Petrocultures2020 – Call for papers

REXSAC-affiliated researcher Brigt Dale (Nordland Research Institute) leads the scientific committee for the petrocultures2020:transformation conference to be held in Stavanger, Norway, August 26-29th 2020. The conference seeks contributions from a wide range of disciplines, geographies and scales that can inform discussions and conversations that favors co-production and engagement before alienation and polarization. Specifically, the conference wishes to ensure that ‘oil hot spots’ – the Arctic being one of these – are presented and discussed.

The call for papers reads as follows:

In petrocultures2020 we will host presentations, exhibits and conversations regarding the transformations needed to influence the transition from our current culture and dependency on oil. Looming over these discussions we recognize the wealth and progress enabled by our exploitation and use of oil. We acknowledge the technical and structural solutions developed and renewable transitions initiated by parts of the petroleum industry. We also observe the linkages that exist between the burning of fossil fuels, human induced climate change and differing levels of socio-environmental conflict. We thus emphasize oil’s dual role as the basis of prosperity and implication in environmental destruction and global conflict. Accepting this we aim to create a forum for a constructive exchange about the way green transition initiatives are narrated – including the way oil is narrated in the past, present and future – across social and political divides. It is also of interest to investigate how the petroleum industry can/will be a part of this transition, and what consequences the transition will have for the workers presently depending on the industry. Worker participation in the industry has historically and may well also in the future be a central aspect to reduce the inherent conflicts of a transition.

Individual Papers: Please submit a 400 word (max) abstract that identifies the themes your paper responds to along with a 200 word (max) bio by 20 January 2020.

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