New mining project seeks expertise

July 15th, 2018

A new Formas-funded project called 3MK (Mapping the impacts of Mining using Multiple Knowledges) began this year, involving several REXSAC researchers.  It aims to identify and map complementary knowledge systems (such as scientific, indigenous/local, expert knowledge) relating to the impacts of metal mining on social and ecological systems in Arctic and Boreal regions.

One part of this project examines the scientific knowledge on the impacts of mining with the following research question: “What research exists on the impacts of metal mining in Boreal and Arctic regions on social and ecological systems, and what does this research look like?”.

We intend to map this knowledge using systematic mapping methodology: we will search for, collate and describe all research on the topic using standardised, rigorous methods for reviewing research literature (read more about systematic reviews and systematic maps here). The outputs will be a descriptive, interactive database of relevant studies that will show where there are gaps in our knowledge and where enough research exists.

We here announce a first stakeholder meeting that will give you the chance to hear more about our project and provide your thoughts and expertise on the following:

  • Is our research question relevant from your perspective?
  • Are the scope of the proposed research and our key definitions correct, in your opinion?
  • Do you know of research that may not have been published or may be hard to access that we should include in our study? (e.g. research that hasn’t been published in an academic journal – like an organisational report or an unpublished research study)
  • Do you know of a particular organisation or website that we should search for additional (grey) literature? (e.g. the website of a not-for-profit organisation)


If this sounds interesting find out more HERE.


The mine in Kiruna, Sweden, 1950.