Invitation to webinar – Policies and investments for a climate smart Barents Region

April 15th, 2021

Norway holds the Chairmanship of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council (BEAC) in 2019-2021. As part of the Norwegian Chairmanship program, the Ministry of Climate and Environment, assisted by the research institution CICERO, will organise the webinar ‘Policies for investments for a climate smart Barents Region’. REXSAC researcher, Annika E. Nilsson, will be presenting during the first session.

How can the Barents Region contribute to the implementation the Paris Agreement and become a climate smart society by 2050? Can this be done while avoiding loss for the natural environment and traditional land use? What new policies and measures are necessary, and what compromises will have to be made? How can the regional cooperation stimulate and facilitate such a modernization and transformation? These are questions to be explored at the webinar “Policies and investments for a climate smart Barents Region”.

The report “Barents 2050 – Impacts, opportunities, and risks of climate change and climate change mitigation”, from 2017 assessed risks and opportunities for the main economic sectors in the Barents Region in a low carbon society. It showed that in order to reach low emissions goals, innovation, low carbon technologies and solutions will be of critical importance for industries, transport, energy and other infrastructure development.

We invite authorities from the Barents countries (national, regional and municipal level), experts and scientists, representatives of economic sectors, financial institutions and NGOs, as well as BEAC working groups to exchange views on ways to develop the necessary infrastructure for “A Climate Smart Barents Region”, without loss for the natural environment and traditional livelihood.

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Photo: Hornoya Birdisland near Vardo, Norway/Ilkka Jukarainen