CALL FOR TEXTS for Les Cahiers de droit – thematic issue scheduled for publication in June 2019 

May 13th, 2018

REXSAC partner MinErAL has sent an invitation for  contributions to a special issue of the Cahiers de droit on the legal aspects of Impacts and Benefits Agreements. The special issue is welcoming pluridisciplinary research papers in French and in English. Papers would be due on December 1, 2018, and the special issue is expected to be published in June 2019.

In Canada and elsewhere, companies and public bodies involved in resource development and extraction, especially for mineral resources, have since the mid-1990s signed an increasing number of agreements with local (mainly Indigenous) communities to define their formal relationship, limit the impact of their project on communities and, above all, ensure that their projects can advance without opposition. The agreements are of various kinds (some are headed, for example, “Memorandum of Understanding”), but are generally known as impact and benefit agreements (IBAs) or socio-economic agreements. Despite their increasing significance in terms of the organizations that sign them, their scope, and the resources and types of projects they cover, the legal issues they raise have received little attention, whether from a national or comparative perspective. 

This thematic issue will attempt to fill some of the gaps in the legal research by bringing together a number of studies on the legal aspects of impact and benefit agreements. Multi-disciplinary studies are also welcomed. The following non-exhaustive list presents some of the themes that could be addressed. 

For more information see here.