Blog published in AntroBlogi: “Letters from the field: Searching for a sense of snow and ice”

Jasmiini Pylkkänen is a PhD student in Cultural Anthropology, based at the University of Oulu. In her blog post in the well-established web-publication, AntroBlogi, Jasmiini shares her personal story about why she became interested in Arctic research and briefly outlines arctic research history as well as current trends. She discusses ethical concerns related to doing fieldwork in the Arctic, and differences in research ethics processes and licensing requirements in Finland and Canada.


For Finnish speakers, you can access the AntroBlogi post here.





About Author

Jasmiini Fransala (née Pylkkänen) Jasmiini Fransala (née Pylkkänen)

University of Oulu


Tafala Valley, Norbotten. Sweden.

Image: Jasmiini Pylkkänen. Tafala Valley, Norbotten. Sweden.

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